David Riome

Saskatoon sculptor David Riome wanted to create original works in stone native to Saskatchewan. He researched geological maps at the University of Saskatchewan dating back to 1921. Using the information from these maps and following discussions with geologists, David identified a form of steatite with the properties required for sculpture.

He applied to the government for rights to quarry stone for sculpting and proceeded through the arduous task of locating, quarrying and hauling steatite from a remote location on an island in one of Saskatchewan’s northern lakes. (The location of his quarry is a well kept secret).

David enjoys Saskatchewan’s north and spends most summers at the family cottage with his wife Kim and their two sons.

Dave has been carving in stone for more than two decades. His earliest works included wildlife, figurative and abstracts. His style has evolved to the sleek contoured forms he does today. Replicating natural smoothing effects of wind on snow drifts and sand dunes, Dave softens the contours of the pieces he sculpts. He often adds intricate inlays with other stone, wood or bone. His sculptures are smooth and lustrous with flowing lines and curves.

David is represented by galleries in Alberta, B.C., and at Collector’s Choice in Saskatoon. His sculpture is found in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan.