Denyse & Rod Simair

Internationally acclaimed ceramic artists Rod & Denyse Simair reside in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Simairs have represented Canada in major exhibitions in Europe and North America, with the support of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Canada Council for the Arts, and Foreign Affairs Canada. As invited guest artists, they have given presentations at several international conferences. They are sole recipients of the highest international honour awarded exclusively to Crystalline, Le Grand Prix du Jury, in France.

Theirs is a true marriage of individual specialization, merging to create breathtaking crystalline porcelain sculpture. Rod focuses exclusively on the wheel, masterfully throwing exquisite porcelains of original design that combine a strength of form balanced with delicacy. Denyse, through years of experimental research, documentation, and artistic invention, skillfully creates, applies and meticulously fires her individually personalized glazes to each piece, advancing the mystery of their crystalline artistry.

Considered pioneers of the Crystalline Renaissance and visionaries in their field, it is rare that two artists are so intertwined and the result is award winning work worthy of collection. Many of the sculptures you will see are years in the making with months of research, multiple prototypes and numerous firings. The results are heirloom keepsake originals of aesthetically inspiring crystalline porcelain to cherish now and for generations to come.