Don Hefner

Don Hefner was born on September 3, 1939 in Denver, Colorado. His birthday was Labour Day, the first day of WWII. Don is a citizen of the USA and a landed immigrant in Canada from August 18, 1967. Don received his elementary, secondary and university education in Colorado, and postgraduate studies in Education and Geology led him to study and settle in Saskatoon. He was employed at the University of Saskatchewan as a tenured Assistant Professor in the College of Education and has also worked as a Research Assistant for the Department of Continuing Medical Education.

Don is a man of many varied talents and interests. His enjoyment of the outdoors and passion for ecological responsibility led him to create “found” art pieces, eventually developing the intricate and precise wire and metal sculptures for which he has developed an international following.

An ardent fisherman, Don also enjoys writing poetry, ventriloquism, and researching new scientific discoveries, especially in astronomy, earth science and paleontology of dinosaurs. One of his most recent recreational passions is figure skating on roller skates.

Don shows and sells sculpture throughout Saskatchewan and in Boston and New York. He is a generous donor to many local charities and has been featured in newspaper, radio and television articles.