Jerry Tony

Jerry Tony is from Yellow Quill First Nation who was born in Kelvington, SK in 1963. He lived on Yellow Quill for about 10 years in his early life, eventually moving to a farm with his family. Jerry’s passion for artwork began in grade 7 at Kelvington High School where he took first place in a sketching contest. At that time, it was a hobby for him to draw but his inspiration grew when he was 21.

The paintings he makes derive from his own perception of his Indigenous background creating his own style of woodland art. He shares this talent by selling his artwork as a vendor. Two years in a row, he sold ten paintings to the International Education Department at Bow Valley College in Calgary, AB, where his paintings were given as gifts going to different countries. In 1998, his artwork was published through the Alberta Native News and Alberta Native Journal. He continues to bring unique ideas onto canvass and has sold to many businesses, art collectors and galleries. Jerry’s place of residence is in Calgary, AB