Jonathon Burnett

Jonathon Burnett is a Saskatchewan based Artist. He was born on January 13, 1989 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He has lived in several places growing up including Belbutte, Cater in Saskatchewan and Grande Cache, Alberta. Graduating from high school with honors in Medstead, Saskatchewan Jonathon took an early interest in art, especially drawing.

Except for some early school art classes he has been mainly self-taught. However, after being encouraged to get some formal training and art education he enrolled in the University of Saskatchewan’s Extension Program taking a figure-drawing course with Degen Lindner. He made great progress in this class and he received strong encouragement. These encouragements lead Jonathon to pursue a University of Saskatchewan’s Certificate of Art and Design. Jonathon has so far been in one group show at The Void Gallery, Saskatoon.

Unlike most young artists, Jonathon is not afraid to explore different mediums and different compositions. His works are very expressive, from abstract to portraiture. He has learned to simplify, to focus on the essences of a subject. This is most manifested in his more recent paintings. Jonathon’s future as an artist is still growing and changing.