Ken Lonechild

Ken Lonechild (1960-2017) was born in 1960 on the Whitebear reserve near Carlyle, Saskatchewan. The second oldest of four brothers, he was basically a self taught artist in all aspects of art, including cartooning and commercial art. All the brothers displayed artistic talents from an early age. Ken and his oldest brother Michael developed very similar styles, painting every day scenes from activities they recalled growing up as young boys.

His acrylic works depict a simple life on the reserve as he remembered it. In many of his scenes a small boy can be seen tagging along with the elders as they embark on hunting or fishing expeditions; to fetching water or cutting down a fir tree. His paintings often included animals, from the family dog to horses that played an integral part in work life, or wildlife that could be found nearby. These were images that were most real and deeply ingrained in Ken’s lifestyle and his native ancestry. Each work portrayed memories of warmth, action and colour. Ken’s quiet sense of humour often came out in the titles of his paintings.

Ken resided in Regina for a time, but returned to White Bear to continue to replenish his artistic vision, capturing the realities of life of the aboriginal people. Ken, his wife Colleen, and their family enjoyed life in a country setting. He recently assumed the role of elder, sharing his experiences with the younger generations, and contributing to the community. Ken passed away in 2017. His paintings can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. He is represented by Collector’s Choice Art Gallery in Saskatoon.