Meherun Nessa

Meherun Nessa was born and raised in Chittagong, Bangladesh attended
University of Chittagong enrolling in its Fine Arts program. She graduated
from the same University with a Masters in Fine Arts(Painting), having distinction
marks. Meherun began drawing landscape sketches at an early age
inspired by her parents. Her love of nature eventually brought her to painting.
She is mostly self-taught, and has her own unique style. After graduating
from the University , She moved to Saskatoon,Canada in 2015 and to
accelerate her knowledge in art world she obtained diploma in Art and History
from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. There she found Opportunities to sharpen
her skills further. Her exposure to the larger world also broadened her understanding of life, nature and people in general.

Artist Meherun gave form to unexpressed feelings, emotions, philosophy and
sprit of life in her canvas. Meherun portrayed the psychological expression
and limitations of life and people in her paintings. Meherun shares her concept
and practices for translating nature’s grandeur, complexity and colour
dynamics in to convincing representation of space and light.

Her Paintings at times may seem little rigid and confined within four walls
only, but in fact they are full of possibilities and open to multiple interpretations.
Meherun, a truly courageous artist succeeds in doing exactly the
same other carefully crafted colourful canvases.