Shelley Hosaluk

Shelley’s exploration with painting began in 1998 when she began painting in watercolour; she enjoys the ephemeral quality of this timeless medium. Pen and ink-washed watercolours, acrylic on canvas, and urban sketching also intrigue her. Themes that figure predominantly in Shelley’s paintings and sketches are the natural attractions of water, the human form, and the mysteries of the sky because they offer constant change and infinite interpretations. She enjoys plein air experiences near the sea, in the mountains, in the desert, and on the prairies. The landscapes of Gordon MacKenzie and Graham Flatt are contemporary influences in Shelley’s environmental abstractions while Monet and Picasso provide endless inspiration.

Presently, Shelley’s paintings can be viewed at Collector’s Choice Gallery and Karavan in Saskatoon. Solo exhibitions include: Boffins’ Gallery, Innovation Place (2016); The Frances Morrison Gallery (2002) in Saskatoon and SaskPower’s Gallery on the Roof (2002) in Regina.