Framing & Services

Collector’s Art Gallery is proud to be known for “framing Saskatoon” as the premiere framer in the community for 40 years. 

In addition to exhibiting and selling original Saskatchewan art and decorative prints, Collector’s Choice also specializes in…

Custom framing

Nervous about having something custom framed for the first time?  Collector’s Choice Framing has provided the finest in framing services since opening our doors in 1979. Specializing in preservation, Collector’s Choice Art Gallery uses the latest archival materials in conjunction with the highest quality standards.

Specialty framing and mounting

Framing or reframing photographs, documents and artworks on paper enhances their appearance, but also protects them from deterioration. Acid free materials and  special glass, such as reflection control glass (that minimizes reflection and maximizes viewing) or glass that filters out 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet light, are among the materials available to museum mounting standards.

We also specialize in mounting and framing objects such as military or sports medals, jerseys and even ‘hole in one’ golf balls!

Art appraisals

Anne Hardy is an accredited member of the CANADIAN PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISERS GROUP (C.P.P.A.G), so is pleased to offer expert appraisal reports for artists looking to price their work, for art buyers looking to value their purchases for resale, for estate evaluations, or for insurance purposes.

Corporate office art displays

Corporate clients purchase art and receive art as thank-you gifts and in recognition of service. The Collector’s team can ensure that art is displayed to best benefit the corporate environment and your staff.

Proper placement and secure installation

If you buy it, where will you put it? We can help with that. We’ll work with you to map out your space and arrange a perfect placement. We can even visit and work with you to move or rearrange what you’ve already got to include your latest purchase.

Shipping and delivery

You’re moving and you’re taking your art with you. We know how important it is that it gets there in one piece. Our team has the expertise to pack and ship art the proper way so you don’t have to keep your fingers crossed in transit. Whether it’s across town or around the globe, we can prepare and arrange shipping to your destination.